Saturday Quilting Bring & Share (25)

First an explanation for missed posts: I have had a holiday sandwiched between a couple of very special days out and much as I wanted to keep my blog posts up to speed with all the comings and goings I just couldn’t. And I’ve got to say – it’s been really hot – I don’t know how to conjure up a pink emoji dripping sweat but that is what is required to illustrate life in Hampshire over the past two months!

Anyway! Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share. The idea is to bring along a project to our virtual sewing day and share the quilty conversations that have caught our interest over the past week. If you’d like to share a link to a conversation or add to anything you read here please do use the comment section at the end of this post 🙂

Now I am going to be a tease and say that I can’t bring my current project to the sewing day table as I’m making it for a friend who will be gifting it to a member of her family. But I do have two 12½” blocks to make at Quilt Club on Saturday afternoon. Purple Stitches has recently relocated to larger premises so we will be enjoying the benefits of a designated classroom space with lots of natural light. Here are my test blocks made before teaching techniques in class:

Quilt Club Month 2 test blocks by New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting

Did I mention days out and a holiday? 😀 Here are some photos. The first set were taken on a day trip to the Channel Islands. The fast moving boat took just three hours to cover the 96 miles from the south coast of the UK across the English Channel to the little group of islands that remain British despite being much closer to France. We had a few hours on the island of Guernsey before making the return journey. The sea was flat calm all day – not one white tipped wave – and so blue, quite stunning.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A couple of days later we were travelling north by car to the Peak District for a restful holiday in stunning countryside.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The day after we returned home from holiday we hopped on a train with all three children and SIL and made our annual trip to the Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park, London to watch the Anniversary Games. We arrived early so some members of our group could fulfill their ambition to swim in the Olympic pool (just a stones throw from the stadium).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They had a great time in the 50m pool and those of us who chose to stay dry enjoyed the experience of visiting the Olympic Aquatic Centre. There was lots going on as the diving boards and pool were busy (including two amazing synchronised divers jumping from the highest platform). A smaller pool across from the competition pool was full of children taking part in their Saturday morning swimming lessons. The whole place had a good vibe – the legacy promise of the 2012 Games is working there 🙂

Time to catch up with some of the quilty news I read on holiday:

Isn’t it strange when a visitor from a foreign country describes places in your own country that you’ve never seen? Carole from North Carolina shares photos, memories and some historical background to a river trip along the Thames through parts of London, UK that I’ve never visited. Maybe it’s about time I did this trip? I’d have to travel a fraction of the distance covered by Carole to get riverside! 😀

Creative Spaces Week 1It’s always interesting to take a look at other quilters’ sewing spaces. Now there’s a blog hop series to follow through July and August called ‘Creative Spaces Blog Hop’. Christa’s before photo of her creative space gave me hope!

Carrying on the theme of organising a sewing space Jessica has been reorganising her fabrics and noticing how her tastes have changed. Clear storage boxes and grouping by colour seem to be the way to get on top of a fabric stash!

Have you tried ruler foot quilting? I’ve seen a few demos on You Tube and seen the rulers for sale at quilt shows but have been feeling resistant to trying something new. Leah Day gives a brief and helpful description of ruler foot quilting and how it fits alongside walking foot and free motion quilting. Hum! I think I might give it a go – more equipment to buy….

Carole shares her feather quilting. With lots of detail she shows where she didn’t quite get it ‘right’ but then zooms the camera out to remind us all that perfectionism is un-necessary and the overall effect is what counts 🙂

The Border Quilt Quilt Along has a slightly delayed start but Jen has posted really helpful information, recommending equipment and giving some tips about using cotton flannel. I’m going to investigate the ruler Jen uses to trim half square triangles – it looks just right for the job 🙂 … … Ah!Ha! I found the ‘Tucker Trimmer’ ruler on the Quilt Direct website – one of my favourite online quilt shops.

Photographing quilts can be quite a challenge. Connie has been experimenting with a fabric brick wall – it had me fooled and her quilts look great against it!

Well! I’m looking forward to some stitching and the promise of much cooler temperatures over the weekend – might even need to find a jumper and a rain coat! The novelty of it all!

Happy Stitching!







About allisonreidnem

New Every Morning – About Me Hi! I’m Allison, an obsessive patchwork-quilter who has no desire to be cured! I’ve been developing my skills and knowledge by paying attention at my local quilting group and by putting my questions into the computer search engine. I’m so grateful to the generous people who have taken the time to share their knowledge with me in person, via YouTube videos or their blogs. I’m intending my blog to be a link into the worldwide patchwork and quilting community and a means to contribute helpful hints and inspiration as I continue to discover more about this addictive craft. So, why ‘New Every Morning Patchwork and Quilting’? Well! I am a morning person! I often wake in the wee small hours and think through design and quilt construction issues. My woolly–headed evening brain finds such issues far too difficult to resolve! If I’m disciplined enough to be asleep by 10pm, I can be up cutting, piecing, pressing and quilting before sunrise! By the time daily family routine kicks-in I’ve had a satisfying, soul-feeding creative fix. (I should mention that ‘family at home’ is: my patient, faithful husband of 27years; and our equally patient 16 year old son, who acts as our in-house IT support complete with sighs and rolling eyes! Older daughter and son have both recently flown the nest). Not only do I find early mornings my creative time I also find it a time for receiving spiritual nourishment. I often find myself humming a gentle chorus and reflecting on God’s constancy as another new day dawns. ‘The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning, new every morning; Great is thy faithfulness, O Lord, Great is thy faithfulness.’ Edith McNeil’s chorus is based on verses from the Bible – Lamentations 3: 21-23.
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  1. Thank you, Allison! I hope you do take the river cruise, it was wonderful and I didn’t even get to the really interesting things in Greenwich on my blog post! Thanks for mentioning my lullaby feathers too. I wish I could have met you while we were in England!

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