Two of my favourite things…

IMG_0280Progress is being made!  And I’m proud to say I haven’t stalled at the quilting phase of the charm square runner :-)  I looked at the quilt top and for once the colours didn’t speak to me of a season but of a time of day – sunset. The navy blue and aqua sending my thoughts to a sunset being reflected in water.

Playing with those ideas as I pinned the quilt sandwich together I decided to go on a walking foot adventure and have a go at stitching large scale ripples along the length of the runner.  I am really pleased with the result.  The pattern doesn’t really show much on the front but on the lightly patterned backing fabric the quilting gives a restful, meandering movement to the whole.




This variegated quilting thread from YLI has become a firm favourite of mine – it blends well with lots of the more modern style fabrics and colour combinations I’ve used.

IMG_0369There were spare charm squares left from making the runner and I played with some HST patterns in my sketch book.  I took the squares and some simple white on white fabric to a sewing day with friends last week and they agreed I should go with the pattern at the left of the page.

I started from the middle two columns of four HST’s and added more columns to the left and right until the table runner measured about 48″ long. I’ve got as far as making the quilt sandwich of this runner.





I’m still having occasional issues with quilt tops puckering as I machine quilt so, having smoothed and pinned the layers together, I’m experimenting with this one by securing the edges, stitching 1/8th of an inch in all around.

I hope to quilt it within the next 24 hours. This has become a critical deadline as my sewing room needs to be morphed into it’s other self – namely a guest room – before the weekend. Can you spot the sofa bed buried under all my projects? 😀



Finally, please forgive me for posting the following very out of focus photograph but it combines two of my favourite things – a bird and half square triangles!  I took the photo yesterday whilst walking around the inside of Winchester Cathedral. A chirpy Robin had found his way into the building and was inspecting the HST patterned Medieval floor tiles!


More of that visit to the Cathedral another day 🙂

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PS. Just a reminder that every Tuesday I update my ‘Pins of the Week’ Pinterest board – you can check  out last weeks collection of pins on the aptly named ‘Last weeks pins of the week’ board 😀

About allisonreidnem

New Every Morning – About Me Hi! I’m Allison, an obsessive patchwork-quilter who has no desire to be cured! I’ve been developing my skills and knowledge by paying attention at my local quilting group and by putting my questions into the computer search engine. I’m so grateful to the generous people who have taken the time to share their knowledge with me in person, via YouTube videos or their blogs. I’m intending my blog to be a link into the worldwide patchwork and quilting community and a means to contribute helpful hints and inspiration as I continue to discover more about this addictive craft. So, why ‘New Every Morning Patchwork and Quilting’? Well! I am a morning person! I often wake in the wee small hours and think through design and quilt construction issues. My woolly–headed evening brain finds such issues far too difficult to resolve! If I’m disciplined enough to be asleep by 10pm, I can be up cutting, piecing, pressing and quilting before sunrise! By the time daily family routine kicks-in I’ve had a satisfying, soul-feeding creative fix. (I should mention that ‘family at home’ is: my patient, faithful husband of 27years; and our equally patient 16 year old son, who acts as our in-house IT support complete with sighs and rolling eyes! Older daughter and son have both recently flown the nest). Not only do I find early mornings my creative time I also find it a time for receiving spiritual nourishment. I often find myself humming a gentle chorus and reflecting on God’s constancy as another new day dawns. ‘The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning, new every morning; Great is thy faithfulness, O Lord, Great is thy faithfulness.’ Edith McNeil’s chorus is based on verses from the Bible – Lamentations 3: 21-23.
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11 Responses to Two of my favourite things…

  1. The quilting does show up so nicely on the back. YLI was a favorite thread for years for me until I got a new sewing machine that is more picky about thread weight, boo. The variegated versions it comes in are lovely, and you found a perfect match!

    • Thanks Yvonne, I’m very glad my machine doesn’t object to the thicker cotton thread. I should experiment with some different types of thread though, I tend to get too comfortable using what I know will work.

  2. katyquilts says:

    Your quilting looks great on this! And that thread could not be more perfect! Love the bird picture!

  3. Nancy says:

    The quilting looks great, Allison, and the quilt itself is perfect. I like the colors you chose to use together for it. I’m grateful I don’t have a combined guest/sewing room but I still feel compelled to clean up when I have visitors coming. Everyone seems to eventually gravitate to this room where I have both sewing, family history, and computer use going on. I’ve been embarrassed a few times….

    • I remember once visiting a home which looked like a magazine shoot – vast open spaces, no clutter, no books or videos on show. It didn’t feel very welcoming and it was hard to keep conversation going because there was no indication of what interested the owners. My Dad kindly says my home looks ‘lived in’!

  4. Colleen says:

    Really good job on your quilting ‘adventure’ ! This is stepping out of the ‘safe zone’ for you, yes ?
    It looks as though you have had a very productive week.
    It’s nice to see where you sew as well.
    Love the picture in the cathedral out of focus or not – there is some inspiration there. I’m going to have to post the picture I took a few years ago of a robin in our yard so you can see – I’m not a birder but I think there are differences between yours and the North American robin.

    • I did enjoy shifting out of my comfort zone with that quilting although it felt ‘safe’ using the walking foot rather than going free motion! I’d like to see your photo of an American Robin. Our European robin is quite a bit smaller and is always voted the most popular bird in the UK – it features heavily on Christmas cards.

      • Colleen says:

        that’s interesting about the robins on Christmas cards. Our robins fly south for the winter and when they come back it is one of the first signs of spring.

  5. Colleen says:

    Hi, I’ve looked for that robin picture and it must be on my old computer which is not running right now. The robin picture was included in a slideshow I made 4…( four ! ) years ago and you can view it here

    The robin is a bit puffed up trying to keep warm because he migrated back too early and landed in a spring snow storm. Unfortunately there isn’t much around him to give you a sense of scale but it seems to me that our american robins are bigger and their colouring is different.
    I can’t remember if I have posted this to my blog – if so, sorry to subject you to it twice 😉

    • Thanks for following up about the differences in ‘our’ robins. I couldn’t get a click on the link you provided but I had a look on YouTube and found some film and recording of the American robin’s song. It looks more the size and shape of another of our native birds – the blackbird (guess what that looks like?!). Your robin has a melodic song like ours.

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