Saturday Quilting Bring & Share (24)

Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring and Share πŸ™‚ Bring along your current project and share in the conversations on this virtual sewing day. Use the comments section or the linky button at the end of this post to leave links to quilty blog posts or tutorials that have caught your attention through the week.

First things first … We’ve had some rain πŸ™‚ It will take quite a bit more to turn the grass from brown to green but it has been lovely to hear the sound of rain and see drops of water clinging to leaves and adding sparkle to dusty flowers.

My other news is that I have finally finished the BIG quilt! Whew!! I have stitched a temporary hanging sleeve to the back so it is ready to be sent to The Festival of Quilts… or so I thought…. Blow! I need to attach a flap of fabric to hide the label on the back (this is to keep the judging process fair). Will this quilt ever really be finished? I apologise for the poor quality of this photo, I had to copy it from my Facebook page as I don’t have access to the external hard drive where my photos are stored.

No automatic alt text available.

If you have an Instagram account you can click over and see better quality photosΒ of both the front and back of the quilt. The quilt, called ‘Carrie Nation Variation’, measures 76″ x 76″ so I was very glad to have both our boys at home when it came to holding up the quilt for the ‘face on’ photos.

Now, which project am I going to switch to since the BIG one is (just about) out of the way? Well! My ‘bring’ for this weekend is a bit of cheat as my sewing machine is packed away in readiness for the arrival of guests (sewing room becomes guest room). I’ll be using paper and pencils instead, designing a table runner and figuring out how to write foundation paper piecing patterns on EQ7. Hum! Keep your distance family this could all get rather tense!

It has been another busy week with the added distraction of Wimbledon tennis on TV so I’m still behind in my blog reading but here are the links to just a few of the quilty posts and tutorials that have caught my attention this week. You can find more links on my ‘Pins of the Week’ Pinterest board.

Teri shares her incident filled move from (and I am quoting) ‘ … confirmed, snobby hand quilter, to free-motion machine quilter and teacher’.

To use bed sheets in our quilts or not to use bed sheets in our quilts? Leah Day asked the question, gave her opinion and sparked some lively comments πŸ™‚

Suzy has shared her solutions to common quilting FAQs. Part I here, Part II here πŸ™‚ There are some helpful hints in each post and Suzy doesn’t mind sharing her mistakes to prevent us falling into the same patchwork and quilting holes!

Do you let your pets sit on your quilts? Soma shares the inspiration, the patchwork and the quilting hows and whys behind a beautiful little quilt. But I can’t get my head around putting such a beauty in a cat’s bed! Ha!Ha! You won’t be surprised to read that we don’t have pets! There is a cautionary tale (tail…) attached to this video re. pets and packing a quilt to post to an exhibition.

Back in my pet-free comfort zone… I’ll end with a link to Alyce’s post about choosing and fussy cutting fabrics for a double star block. I may have mentioned this before but … I just love patchwork stars πŸ™‚

Happy stitching!


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Saturday Quilting Bring & Share (23)

Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share πŸ™‚ Bring along the project you are working on and share the quilty conversations that have caught your interest through the week. You can add links to your own blog post or the posts you want to share in the comments section or use the link button at the bottom of the page.

Parched garden July 2018 by Allison ReidThere seems no end in sight for the hot dry weather we are enjoying/enduring in the UK. The grass in our garden has turned brown and crunches when walked on. At present we do not have a hosepipe ban. I have been using a mix of hosepipe and watering cans to keep plants watered and amazingly many are growing, showing no signs of being frazzled by the heat!

Not the best conditions for hand sewing binding to a large, heavy quilt… but I am soldiering on.

Binding Carrie Nation Variation by New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting

Most of the red binding is stitched down but there’s still another 80 inches or so to do…

My husband picked and then boiled and strained our crop of redcurrants to extract the juice. There was a modest 1Β½ pints of ruby red juice to be turned into redcurrant jelly – that was my job. Very hot work stirring the boiling mix of juice and sugar on the gas stove but worth the effort πŸ™‚

Redcurrant Jelly by Allison Reid

While I’ve been hand stitching or stirring jam I’ve been thinking and planning. I have joined with more than 250 other crafters and artists to participate in Hampshire Open Studios. This is an annual, county-wide event. Those taking part open up their studios, workshops or galleries for free and invite the public to come meet the artist and view their work. A kind of art & craft trail.

HOS 2018 publicity materials by Allison Reid

Last weekend I collected two boxes of brochures, posters, a banner, bunting and road signs ready for the event from 18th – 27th August. Now I need to move out of my comfort zone and start promoting Hampshire Open Studios and my part in it all. ‘Marketing’ is not my thing…. But here goes…

map1Hampshire is a large county. It includes chalk downlands to the north (where I am, in Basingstoke), in the South-West the ancient New Forest – once the hunting ground of royalty and the source of much of the oak that went into the British warships that sailed out of the Naval port of Portsmouth. In the Hampshire Open Studios brochure the county has been divided into eight regions and these are broken down into smaller areas.

HOS Basingstoke by Allison ReidThe Basingstoke area includes 16 artists/crafters within easy travelling distance of one another: Artists using many different materials, skills and styles including paints and paper, pottery, fused glass, upcycled wood, silver and textiles. Have I sold Hampshire Open Studios to you? πŸ˜€ If you are local and would like a brochure or could pin a poster to a board just let me know, thank you. Take a look at the HOS website for more maps, details and other places of interest to visit as you plan your trip around the studios.

And now onto some of the quilty conversations that have caught my attention through the week:

Medallion Quilt design – Melanie has a great eye and much experience when it comes to designing and making medallion quilts. The latest called ‘The Old School House‘ is well worth a look, especially as Melanie takes the time to explain her design, fabric and colour choices. I’ve learned so much from reading the stories of her quilts.

Keeping to the Medallion quilt theme, Jen has given notice of the ‘Border Quilt Quilt Along’ beginning 15th August. It looks fascinating and can be made in several different sizes. Jen has tried out a new range of flannel fabrics on her first mock up (photos and details in the post) but will be using cotton fabrics for the QAL.

Being ‘A Small Town Girl’ suits Kristie Cook. She’s chosen to stay in a small town in South Georgia all her life (apart from the first 11 months!) but knows her students are all keen to move away from small town life. Kristie argues that people need to stay in small towns and work at creating community.

Cindy of Stitchin at Home has just released a brilliant pattern. ‘Outside Stars‘ has foundation pieced stars combined with a rectangular block to create secondary stars – so clever. ToΒ  my mind it is a stunning design – I am sucker for patchwork stars!

Another great post from Jessica detailing her quilt design process, colour choices and quilting motifs. I’m really enjoying following this series of posts πŸ™‚

Sandy is offering a free download of her beautiful sunflower block design. She has a tutorial for the block here.

Happy stitching everyone! I’m so looking forward to visiting Viv and Eve at the newly re-located shop, Purple Stitches. This Saturday afternoon is the Grand Opening with refreshments and a 10% discount across the shop πŸ™‚ What’s not to like?


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Saturday Quilting Bring & Share (22)

Welcome to Saturday Quilting Bring & Share. I hope you have a project to bring to this virtual sewing day and will take time to join in with some of the blogging conversations as well as sharing what’s caught your interest through the week. You can add links via the comments section or the linky button at the end of this post.

My project for today (and quite a few more days!) is hand stitching the binding to the back of the BIG quilt. The quilt measures 76″ square so that is a whole lot of stitching waiting to be done! I’ve made the task harder by making the double-fold binding from strips of 2″ wide fabric instead of my usual 2ΒΌ”. It’s amazing what a difference that littleΒ ΒΌ” of fabric makes in terms of bending the binding over the edge of the quilt and pulling it beyond the line of stitching on the back of the quilt. I will be making use of a lot of binding clips on this one!

Binding Carrie Nation Variation by New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting

I think the date I wrote on this label was a tad optimistic – April 2018!

Four Patch No5 as a wall hanging by New Every morning Patchwork & QuiltingEarlier this week I did finish stitching the binding to a smaller quilt. My sewing room has gone through a transformation and is – for this weekend only πŸ˜‰ – the guest room (lovely daughter & son-in-law are visiting :-)). The finished quilt has become a wall-hanging, clipped to the wire that usually suspends my design wall.

Of particular interest to me this week:

On blogging and social media: Christa Watson has encapsulated my thoughts on blogging and how it fits with other social media (including some great photos ofΒ  her family’s time enjoying eco-resorts in Mexico).

Applique: Leah Day has a video tutorial sharing her method and tips for machine applique; Joy has some great tips and photos showing her method for creating tiny applique circles.

Tag blankets are an ideal quick make if you are in need of a gift for a new baby. Leanne shares the tag blankets she’s been making along with a few helpful tips and ideas.

Allison Harris, who blogs at Cluck Cluck Sew, has a knack of designing fresh, modern looking patchwork quilts. Her latest design, ‘Color Pop, has just been published as a pattern and there’s a photo-filled post about it here. Allison used a Tula Pink jelly roll for the quilt so you can imagine the design pops against the background fabrics! Following on from the post about the pattern Allison has also publishedΒ a post explaining how she chooses neutral, ‘low volume’ fabrics.

I still have some way to go in my quest to get up-to-date with the blogs I follow – my email inbox now stands at ‘triple Nelson’, 111. Good job I’m not superstitious or I’d have to write this post hopping about on one leg!

Happy Stitching.


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Cool colours in the UK heat!

What can I say? I ‘ve still not finished Quilting Carrie Nation Variation by New Every Morning Patchwork & Quiltingthe BIG quilt and as we are experiencing a bit of a heatwave here in the UK I am spending quite a lot of the early morning and evening hours wielding hoses and watering cans around the garden and allotment. These are my excuses reasons for not compiling an edition of Saturday Quilting Bring and Share for last weekend. I also have over 90 blog post email notifications stacked up in my inbox :-O I’m loath to discard them as I know just how long it will have taken to compile each of those blog post! My intention is to enjoy reading my way through the back-log and share what grabs my attention on my Pins of the Week Pinterest board and/or in the next edition of Saturday Morning Bring and Share πŸ™‚

Away from the sewing room I have been getting on with some hand sewing. We (hubby and me) sat down one evening and watched a favourite film. I’ve seen ‘The Dish’*Β (see orange text below for more information about the film) several times so I could keep track of the story whilst stitching down the binding to a quilt. As a result I have a finish to share.

Four Patch No5 by New Every Morning Patchwork & QuiltingThis is my version of the Beginners Quilt, made alongside the class and used as my demonstration model. The fabrics are a mix from my stash and Viv’s stock at Purple Stitches. The colours look fresh and cool – even in a photo taken outside in the bright sunshine. I altered Viv’s basic design (well! it was my fifth time making this quilt!), adding a bunch of half-size squares in the centre of the quilt top. It was an ideal practice piece for my feather quilting.

There’s a free motion feather wreath in the centre with an orange peel design across the rest of the small patchwork squares. I switched to my walking foot to stitch a cross-hatch design through the larger squares before reverting to the free motion set up for feathers in the borders and feather swirls in the corner patches. I’m pleased with my efforts and I like the final addition of the scrappy binding. IT’S A FINISH!!!

*The Dish is based on the true story of how NASA relied on a huge satellite dish situated in the middle of a sheep farm in Australia to relay the footage of Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon. The blurb on the back of the DVD reads ‘The Dish is a warm-hearted and hilarious comedy based on a true story of what the world didn’t see’. I don’t know about ‘hilarious’, it is funny and warm-hearted whilst conveying the wonder of that Apollo 11 space mission and the heroism of the people involved. Well worth a watch πŸ™‚

Linking with Connie at Free Motion by the River for Linky Tuesday and Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts for Let’s Bee Social. Connie is recovering from a bout of illness and shares a link to a beautiful Autumnal quilt while Lorna is sharing some photos of quilts made using her animal patterns.


Post Script: I’ve completed the quilting on the BIG Carrie Nation Variation Quilt and machine stitched the binding to the front. Wahoo!

Binding Carrie Nation Variation by Allison Reid

Now for several hours of peaceful hand stitching…. I wonder which film(s) I should stick in the DVD player?



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Little projects keep the big projects going!

Carrie ANtion Variation by New Every Morning Patchwork and Quilting

Little Projects keep the big projects going! Well! That’s my conclusion anyway. The BIG ‘Carrie Nation Variation’ quilt continues to dominate my sewing table but this week I have pushed it out the way and scaled down to projects of a more manageable size.

Purple Stitches is one of many quilt shops participating in the 2018 Row-By-Row Experience. The theme this year is ‘sew musical’ and Viv has designed a block featuring a vintage style radio. I got the opportunity to be pattern tester. It was such a relief to turn from the BIG project and work on a single 18″ x 18″ block.

Vintage radio made by Allison Reid

Detail of Vintage Radio by Allison ReidVery pleasant to be quilting on an easy to manipulate quilt sandwich too! I enjoyed adding some details to the radio using a couple of my machines fancy stitches before stitching out a free motion loop-the-loop pattern in the background. I love the way the addition of the two large button ‘dials’ instantly turns the patchwork into a radio! It’s a FINISH! Wahoo! πŸ˜€ You can pick up a row by row pattern for free from any of the participating shops πŸ˜€

Another small scale project that mixed things up in my sewing room involved putting together the first two blocks of a sampler quilt we’ll be making at Quilt Club on Saturday. The plan is to use the sampler as a skill-builder. Anyone’s welcome to join in the monthly Quilt Club sessions at Purple Stitches – just dip in and out of the project with no obligation to sign up for every block (more details on the website).

Blocks 1a & 1b of Quilt Club by Allison ReidApart from the honeycomb print that came from my stash I’ve used ‘Farmers Market’ fabrics by Lewis & Irene in these blocks.

Farme'rs Market fabrics by Lewis & Irene

And wouldn’t you know it, having those additional projects to work on was the spur I needed to reach for the BIG one? Yesterday I sat stitching out all the orange peel designs in the four patch blocks and even made a start on quilting the borders. The end is in sight…

Of course I haven’t spent the entire week in my sewing room! On Tuesday evening I met up with some of the participants in the Chocolatier BOM for a catch-up session. That certainly tested my brain cells as we worked on unfinished blocks that hadn’t seen the light of day for many months! A mixture of coffee and chocolates got us through to successful finishes.

Last weekend I lead the fourth and final session of a beginners course. It is so wonderful to see the participants’ quilts coming together and to hear them planning their next patchwork projects (more patchwork quilters being added to the fold). Here is one of the near completed quilts – binding added, just the final hand stitching to enjoy πŸ™‚

Beginners Quilt June 2018

Time sewing and blogging has been curtailed by the need to water the garden and allotment. We are well into a dry spell here in the South of England. The garden still looks pretty lush after a lovely Spring but the ground is drying out rapidly, the grass is beginning to look parched in places. My butt of rain water is empty so tap water and watering cans are the order of the day.

What with all the extra projects, watering and spending a day at The National Quilt Championships πŸ™‚ I have to confess to not having Saturday Quilting Bring & Share (22) properly prepared. I hope to publish the post some time over the weekend…


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