Saturday Quilting Bring & Share (1)

I’ve been a quilty blogger for just over three years. Last October I missed acknowledging my blog anniversary 😦 I had got so busy that my writing just couldn’t keep pace with the multiple quilty projects and activities I had on the go. I missed sitting down to write blog posts. All the time, in my head, I was composing sentences about what I was making and the discoveries I had made via our generous on-line quilty community.

Thankfully over the past few weeks I’ve had very few deadlines to meet. There’s been time to reflect on the past year, readjust priorities, make some plans and let my thoughts wander, pinning down the things that make me tick:

  • Patchwork and quilting makes me tick – designing, making, teaching, learning new techniques.
  • Blog posting makes me tick – I find it compliments my making, gives me space to think through what I’m doing, and gives a platform to share some of the things I’m discovering.
  • Quilting friends make me tick – friends in local groups and friends in the on-line community of quilty bloggers (all making and sharing).

These bullet points have gelled into an idea: Imagine you are going to spend a day sewing with friends. Dress in comfy clothes, pack your project, sewing equipment, lunch and maybe some snacks to share. Spend the day sewing and chatting. Take time to find out about each others projects. As the chat ebbs and flows through the day share what’s going on in the patchwork and quilting world (fabrics, patterns, techniques, piecing tips, on-line tutorials, rulers, books, exhibitions…) – maybe the conversation might drift to what you’ve enjoyed on TV, a DVD or the latest film… a must read book…

Now, keep the above sewing day in mind but translate it into a blog post linky: how about ‘Saturday Quilting Bring & Share’?

Through the week I find lots of inspiring posts, tips and projects shared via the blogs I follow and via internet searches. Do you? Could we share them, almost as though we were joining in conversations at a sewing day? Take a look at each others sewing day project? No need for lots of words (that could be a bit tricky for me) just a great opportunity to share what’s sparked our interest through the week, passing on nuggets and links through a weekly get together.

What d’ya think? I’ll conclude this post with a version of what I have in mind for ‘Saturday Quilting Bring & Share’. I tried to figure out how to  create a linky (with buttons and all) unfortunately my lack of expertise in this whole computer field quickly became apparent! But I didn’t want to give up on the idea. Please do share your thoughts in the comments below. Next week I will post on Saturday inviting any readers to share a link to their version of Saturday Quilting Bring & Share. 🙂

Saturday Quilting Bring & Share (1)


As always I’m working on several projects at once! Today I’m going to concentrate on piecing borders for a quilt I’ve designed. I’m using Moda fabrics from two or three of their 30’s Playtime ranges. The borders of my quilt are 64″ long and I’ve chosen to stitch 2½” squares together … There will be some serious chain piecing going on today 😀

Border fabrics - New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting

I’ve found plenty of creative inspiration in the blogging world this week.

Have you seen that Leslie at the Seasoned Homemaker has started a series of block tutorials? Her instructions for making a perfect Ohio Star are excellent.

Rachel at Stitched in Color is on a learning curve as she and her husband get to know their new long arm quilting machine. She’s posted her review of the threads she’s used for domestic and long arm quilting.

Beth at Cooking Up Quilts posted a beautifully detailed quilting tutorial. She was inspired to quilt ‘floppy feathers’ after seeing an Instagram post by Rebecca @rubybluequilts. Beth’s quilting looks stunning and her tutorial has inspired me to have a go at these continuous line, no travel-stitching feathers. (Incidentily, I found Leah Day has a more structured but still travel stitch free version of feather stitching here).

I could go on but I don’t want to hog the conversation! I know it’s not good blogging etiquette to add links to comments but, just this once, please do share a link to your post about your Saturday sewing day project in the comment section along with what’s inspired your patchwork and quilting this week.

I look forward to receiving your honest reaction to this linky idea. Many thanks!




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A day of contrasts

Oh! My Goodness! There is only one word to describe the weather today: DREICH (an old Scots word pronounced ‘dreek’). The Urban Dictionary defines dreich as follows:
A combination of dull, overcast, drizzly, coldmisty and miserable weather. At least 4 of the above adjectives must apply before the weather is truly dreich
Dreich day in Basingstoke - Allison Reid, New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting

The Dreich view from my kitchen window

No need to consider which four of the adjectives apply today – all six are ticked! We can assume there has been a sunrise and a sunset but really the tone of grey seems to have barely changed all day.
It’s no surprise that weather can affect our moods and productivity. I’ve struggled to keep my to-do list moving and despite my efforts have very few items crossed off 😦
BOM 8, New Every Morning Patchwork & QuiltingNevermind! One item on my to-do list was preparation for the Chocolatier BOM class next Tuesday. Wow! The Kona colours Viv has chosen – white, carrot and flame – certainly stand out against the grey of today! It’s taken me ages to make up the Rosebud block and write the class notes but it’s been a pleasure using these colours. The second block, called ‘Arbor Window’ will have to be completed on another day but really doesn’t need notes.
Chocolatier BOM 8 New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting
(It’s hard to imagine all those squares joined together will shrink down to make a block just 6½” square!)
Another bright spot on this dreich day was the arrival of a parcel from Creative Grids. I used some money gifted me at Christmas to purchase a 12½” x 6½” non-slip ruler (I think this will be a handy addition to my collection and much easier to transport to workshops than my 24½” long ruler) and a ‘SewSlip’ sheet for putting on the bed of my machine when I’m free motion quilting. Along with the seam roller (by Violetcraft) given me by my DH I think Christmas has furnished my sewing room with some great new tools 🙂
Christmas Gifts 2017, New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting
So, a day of contrasts: The dreich weather and the sluggish to-do list alongside the bright fabrics and the parcel of post-Christmas treats.
Hoping the sun will break through the clouds tomorrow… and there’ll be time for some more sewing too.
Linking with Connie for Linky Tuesday – there are some beautiful and inspiring projects linked already 🙂
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Making a scrappy start to 2018

Happy New Year!

I’ve been pressing on with my goal to learn how to use the Inkscape design software. However my plan to do a little of the course every morning came to a shuddering halt on Thursday when I couldn’t shift a headache. Time in front of a computer screen just wasn’t going to be possible so I turned to sorting out the sewing room…. I found my box of carefully packed Works In Progress, picked out the Scrap Vortex blocks and found that a pattern-less sewing project was an effective distraction from the head pain 🙂

Scrap Vortex pieces Jan 18, New Every Morning Patchwork and Quilting

Scrap Vortex pieces fresh out of the storage box

I started my version of Amanda Jean Nyberg’s Scrap Vortex quilt back in March 2017. I had decided to combine using up scraps with a leader/ender project. I created a bin of scraps from my growing ‘collection’, majoring on fabric prints that might appeal more to a boy than a girl (so more monsters, robots, sharks, blues, greens and orange, not so much flowers, fairy castles, pink and mauve). As I worked away on other projects at my sewing machine I’d pick two fabrics from the scrap bin, using them as my leaders and enders, stitching the pairs together as I pieced.

Bin of scraps and basket of pairs

The bin of scraps and the basket of stitched leader/ender pairs

By September the basket was overflowing so I spent some time moving on the Scrap Vortex process – stitching the pairs into blocks of various sizes.

Scrap Vortex blocks, New Every Morning Patchwork and Quilting

On Thursday morning I spread the blocks on my design wall and had a think about how to piece all these blocks together. In the end I decided to start in the middle adding blocks around the central block, log-cabin style.

Scrap Vortex piecing, New Every Morning Patchwork and Quilting

Piecing the scrappy ‘blocks’ into log cabin strips

The final few ‘blocks’ were long strips of multiple scrappy squares and rectangles with sides measuring around 6″ – 8″.

Scrap Vortex on design wall. New Every Morning Patchwork and Quilting

The final two scrappy log cabin strips ready for trimming and adding to the quilt top

I had to dip into the scrap bin to stitch fresh scrappy strips to make the blocks more regular in size. By the end of the day my headache was gone and the Scrap Vortex quilt was coming together nicely. I can’t quite fathom how all those unrelated fabric pieces combine to make such a pleasing quilt top but somehow they do (to my way of thinking).

Scrap Vortex flimsy, New Every Morning Patchwork and Quilting

Now the scrap part of this quilt it complete I am going to dispose of the remaining fabric scraps from the bin. Ridiculous that I should feel slightly guilty about this: after all they were scraps; probably the remainder are either fabrics that I never did or no longer love; and it would be great to fill the bin with the girly scrap fabrics and start another  leader/ender quilt! Resolution: I shall bag up the remaining scraps and drop them into the Hampshire Air Ambulance textiles recycling fund raising bin. Guilt free clearing of unwanted textiles!

Looking through the box of WIP projects reminded me of the other boxes and bags dotted around our home containing an embarrassingly large number of UnFinished Objects. A fresh goal for 2018 quickly formed: how about joining in with Patty at Elm Street Quilts for the One Monthly Goal linky, pledging to work on a UFO each month? The linky has an accountability element mixed with inspiration, encouragement and a great sense of community across the quilty world.

So, my OMG is to add borders (or maybe not…) to my Scrap Vortex flimsy, find backing fabric, make up a quilt sandwich and complete the machine quilting before the end of January. There it is, written in grey and white! :-O I will post any progress on instagram – find me at allisonreid.neweverymorning 

Also linking with Myra at Busy Hands Quilts for Finished or Not Friday.



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A refreshing family day out

In all the seasonal busyness of the pre-Christmas period we took a day to step aside from the to-do lists, gift lists and general preparations to enjoy a family day out. We travelled west along the M4 towards Bristol, turning off at Junction 18 to follow the signs to Dyrham Park.

Dyrham Park December 2017 by Allison Reid, New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting

At the top of the drive leading down to the house at Dyrham Park.

There we met our daughter. She and I stayed on to enjoy the ins and outs of the National Trust property whilst the ‘boys’ headed into Bristol to meet our youngest son and enjoy a lunch out with our Son-in-law.

Dear Daughter and I had such a special time: loitering in the tea room, chatting our way around the formal gardens, exploring the attached 13th century Church of St Peter and roaming through the house. Dyrham is mentioned in the 11th Century Domesday Book and there was a Tudor manor house on the site of the current house which was built and added to through the 17th and early 18th Centuries (including a beautiful staircase made of walnut wood transported all the way from Virginia USA!).

Dyrham House with the Church of St Peter behind by Allison Reid, New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting

Dear Daughter in the gardens of Dyrham House with the Church of St Peter behind.

We walked around the formal gardens:

Gardens, Dyrham Park

Gardens, Dyrham Park

Formal gardens, Dyrham Park

Formal gardens, Dyrham Park

Then on to the Church where we found much of historical interest:

Tomb inscription, St Peter's Church Dyrham by Allison Reid New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting

Tomb inscription, St Peter’s Church Dyrham

The tomb of George Winter, died 1581, and of his wife Anne.

The tomb of George Winter, died 1581, and of his wife Anne (I like the accurate depiction of the fashions of the time including those stiff ruffs).

13th Century floor tiles, St Peter's Church.

13th Century floor tiles, St Peter’s Church. Remind me of similar tiles in Winchester and Salisbury Cathedrals (St Peter’s must have had wealthy benefactors!)

The formal gardens, originally laid out in the 1700’s, lead into a large park, home to a herd of fallow deer. On our walk back up the steep winding drive to the National Trust car park we were fortunate enough to encounter some of the deer. They grazed on the grass taking little notice of us as we huffed and puffed our way past!

The two of us made the short drive to Bristol and met up with the boys – just the five of us for an hour before it was time to part and get back to the pre-Christmas busyness. A few precious hours just ‘being’ with family. It was so refreshing to put the complications of the festive season in perspective, creating shared family memories from a very simple day out.

Linking with Lorna (who is celebrating her 5 year blogiversary) for Let’s Bee Social.



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2017 Review and Some Planning for 2018

Christmas has been a lovely mix of time spent with extended family, Church family and immediate family. We still have a little bit more of Christmas to celebrate as our daughter and son-in-law will be joining us later in the week 🙂

Boxing Day finds us enjoying a peaceful afternoon; reading, resting, watching Mary Poppins or internet searching whilst drinking tea and digesting a light lunch.

So what went on in 2017? Well! I looked through my photo files and found several completed projects that never made it into a blog post 😦 I’ve posted them into my 2017 Gallery for reference and to boost my sense of achievement (press the gallery link button above to see my finishes of 2017).

My word for 2017 was ‘venture’. I ventured into the world of free motion quilting and whilst my skills are still pretty basic that spirit of venture did enable me to complete several quilt tops using free motion techniques.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also ventured into using my patchwork and quilting skills to teach workshops. Viv at Purple Stitches invited me to lead three beginners courses through the year, teach a table runner workshop using my Star Runner pattern and guide participants through the techniques used in the Chocolatier BOM. I learned to appreciate just how much effort goes into a well prepared workshop! I’d like to grow my workshop leading skills through 2018 (if anyone will have me!).

My three goals of 2017 were formed using Patricia van den Akker’s Dream/Plan/Do planner. I found articulating goals, being given monthly tasks and working on the monthly accountability exercises incredibly useful. At the start of 2017 I had no idea I’d spend so much time teaching and so little time selling my patchwork quilts. Although the direction of my patchwork and quilting activities have changed the goals have remained consistent and helped me make some pretty big decisions around the craft.

My quilt at Quilts UK 2017 by Allison Reid, New Every Morning Patchwork & Quilting

My quilt at Quilts UK 2017

The first of the three goals was ‘to design and make a quilt to exhibit in a non-juried national show’. By May the goal had been achieved. I traveled to the Quilts UK show at Malvern and saw ‘In the Cool of the Evening’ hanging alongside a whole host of far more accomplished quilts. As a design the quilt has many flaws but my goal was achieved and I now know how to enter a quilt in an exhibition. The quilt also gave me the chance to be venturesome, doing lots of free motion quilting.

The second goal was to ‘produce, launch and sell three quilt patterns’. I achieved steps on the way to this goal but no new patterns have been produced. I’ve used EQ7 to design several quilt tops. The next stage, translating those designs into polished step by step patterns requires me getting to grips with some other software. I find giving time to learning such skills really difficult. I haven’t developed resilience when it comes to mounting the learning curve these computer skills demand. I just want to get it done and then be back in my comfort zone: fabrics, cutting mat and sewing machine!

The third goal of 2017 has been to give myself opportunities ‘to learn and practice new skills’. At the the start of the year I assumed those skills would revolve around hands-on patchwork and quilting. As the year progressed I found the skills I actually needed to develop were more about teaching classes and writing patterns.

I did do some practical skill developing: as already mentioned, free motion quilting; one venture into curved piecing; and a couple of projects involving foundation paper piecing. But I do have several unfinished Craftsy classes growing dusty on the digital shelf!

As I’ve been reviewing these goals and other aspects of 2017 my goals and plans for 2018 have emerged. Having goals and keeping to regular reviews has been so helpful that it was a no-brainer to invest in the 2018 Dream/Plan/Do planner and the encouragements guaranteed through membership of Patricia’s DPD Facebook group. The 2018 planner divides the year into quarters, working on a goal per quarter.

My initial goal for 2018 is to produce a patchwork pattern by developing my EQ7 skills and learning the basics of Inkscape.

Another goal is to be part of Hampshire Open Studios. This is an annual event involving over a hundred artists and artisans across the county. Studios/workshops/homes are open to the public through 10 days in August.

The other two goals will probably include opening an on-line shop on the British craft site, Folksy, as well as more learning/skill growing. And, of course, all will be accompanied by more making 🙂 and blog post writing 🙂

My word for 2018 is a return to one of two I chose for 2015 – LEARN. I have so much to learn, as described above, and there’s a raft of UFOs and WIP to practice on and, hopefully, finish!

I’m enjoying reading the reviews and plans of other quilting bloggers via Yvonne Fuchs’ linky, 2018 Planning Party.

Enjoying the closing days of 2017, looking back with gratitude, and forward with hope to 2018 🙂




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